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MedicusTrip Is A Patient Centric Medical Tourism Company

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Welcome To The Medicustrip

As a company that facilitates the provision of services, Medicus Tripp helps Iranian and German patients to facilitate sending patients to the best medical centers in Iran and Germany by having two teams based in Iran and Germany and with the cooperation of the most reputable airline agencies. In the shortest possible time, they will be able to identify the required treatment and health and recreational services and their desired hospital in the destination country and apply for a visa and travel.

Our Medical Distination

How It Work

. Except for the patient, only one of the patient's first-degree relatives can apply for a visa as a companion

Medical Tourism in Germany

With the ease of travel in today's increasingly globalized world, people are traveling for medical treatment

Why Germany

Germany provides high-quality medical services for patients who seek appropriate treatment

Our Services


Arrangement with corporate and government agencies can be made to provide cashless....

Patient Right

The international patient has the right to see and review all necessary information ....


The market of medical travel is promising. Annually, around 10 million people from Australia, Canada and....