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About Us

Medical Tourism

Welcome To MedicusTrip

As a company that facilitates the provision of services, Medicus Tripp helps Iranian and German patients to facilitate sending patients to the best medical centers in Iran and Germany by having two teams based in Iran and Germany and with the cooperation of the most reputable airline agencies. In the shortest possible time, they will be able to identify the required treatment and health and recreational services and their desired hospital in the destination country and apply for a visa and travel.

Our Purpose

Our goal is for every Iranian patient to have access to the most modern medical technology and the best hospitals. Given that there are some advanced therapies in Germany for certain types of specific diseases that are not available in the Middle East or even other European countries, TB helps Iranian patients access these healthcare services. Medicus Trip does not directly provide medical or travel services, but is the interface between patients, medical centers and travel service providers. All activities of this collection are subject to the laws of the Ministry of Health of Iran.

Unfortunately, over the years, some profiteers have sent patients abroad, while firstly, similar treatment has been possible at a much lower price in our country, and secondly, they have directed patients to second and third degree Hospitals in Europe. . Medicus Trip considers itself obliged to make the necessary arrangements only to send patients if, firstly, a relatively high chance of success is predicted and, secondly, that treatment is not possible in our own country, Iran. The company also guarantees that the treatment of Iranian patients in Germany will be performed only by the most experienced professors in each hospital (the head of each department of the hospital).