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Why Germany?

Why Medical Tourism in Germany

Germany is considered one of most popular medical and top destinations for health tourism as statistics says more than 250,000 international patients from all around the world annually travel to Germany to receive medical services and treatment. It is ranked the 2nd place of global medical tourism in terms of supplying quality of its services and facilities.

Germany enjoys one of the most advanced healthcare systems in the world and all the medical services are carried out according to international protocols. It is necessary for medical places in Germany to be approved by some certain certifications which ensure patients about the safety of medical procedures.

There are some main reasons which patients select Germany for medical purposes including high quality of medicine, robotic surgeries which are controlled by doctors, paying same money like Germans for medical services, and using most modern and innovative methods to treat diseases etc. Moreover, Germany is mostly known the home for cancer treatment as there are about 43 specialize center to treat over 300 types of cancer, more than 120,000 cardiac surgeries are successfully performed during a year and the success rate of tumors of the brain and spinal as well as herniated discs is estimated 90%.

Top Specialties for Medical Tourism in Germany

Germany provides high-quality medical services for patients who seek appropriate treatment. It offers a wide range of treatments and surgical procedures to the foreign tourists. Enjoying many reputed specialized and sub-specialized doctors and high-tech medical places in different cities, it provides superior care in many specialties for patients who travel there mainly to receive medical services and the latest treatments in the areas including treatment for cancer, fertility treatment, cardiology and cardiac surgery, Orthopedic surgery, neurology and neurosurgery, obesity treatment, treatment of kidney ailments, alternative treatment or many maladies, ophthalmology etc.

Medicus Trip Services in Germany

Each patient decides to go to another country, usually faces some problems about such as choosing a hospital, getting a medical visa, visiting an appropriate doctor,  not wasting time in the queues and receiving the effective treatment with a suitable price etc. Medicuse trip is available to you to solve these kinds of problems and help you. We are ready to help each Iranian tourist to find the most effective treatment as well as describe them what is needed during their medical travel to Germany.